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Designing a business plan that sounds good to investors is a crucial milestone on the road to capital funding for entrepreneurs. It is not about coming up with a unique idea. It is about how you present this idea to others so as they see success and profitability portrayed. In this article, we’ll provide a succinct summary of business plan criteria that you can use when making a pitch to investors.

Understanding Your Audience

Before the writing of a business plan, it’s essential to take into account the investor profile you need. Diverse investors will have unique agendas; for some, it may be the financial metrics which interest them while the business model or the team behind the development may interest others.

Tailoring Your Approach

Remember that when writing your business plan you should tailor your content to address the needs and areas of concern of your investors. No matter whether they are angels investors, venture capitalists, or banks, to make the most out of what they are expecting from you you must highlight the most relevant details of your business.

Executive Summary

The opener of your investment portfolio is the executive summary, it is there that you can capture the attention of your investors. It should concisely state what your business does, what kind of problem it solves, who may solve it and also has financial highlights. Imagine it is a short but eloquent description of your proposed venture.

Business Description

This is where you need to get your nails into the bone by figuring out what your business is about. Write about your product/service and the place it serves as well how it differs from the others. Include the vision and mission statements of your company in formatting to ensure that the investors understand the core principles and the direction that the company is committed to moving towards.

Vision and Mission

The mission statement should paint the picture of the future with your business in it, and the vision statement should outline the reason, your business exists and the major objectives that it’s going to achieve.

Goals and Objectives

As the first step, it is necessary to determine clear and feasibile goals. Such goals should be spell out, measurable, achievable, realistic, and methodical (SMART). The given sections provides a plan of action that investors can check out and determine that this business will be very successful.

Market Analysis

A detailed study of the market will support your claims that you know your industry, target customer, and rival players. That will demonstrate the depth of your research and that you understand the opportunities and risks and what good leadership is.

Target Market

Classify and list out the market you are planning to aim. Who is your target group the customers and what are their wants? Mastering your audience is the main ares to be conformed to them.

Competition Analysis

By analyzing the competition you will show the investors where you stand on the market.What sets you apart? In a context in which the primary target is to gain a market share, how do you plan to get in the market?

Marketing Strategy

Describe the underlying principles of your marketing approach directed to your desired audience. This is your territory marketer’s responsibilities: the sales plan, the pricing strategy, ads and remarketing. It is about you showing the various methods by which you will offer your services to customers.

Operations Plan

The key to a properly functioning business is a well-developed operations plan that incorporates all the details of how the business operates on a daily basis. It encompasses your contacts (people and the businesses they are created by), equipment, facilities, and the staff required to successfully run your business.

Financial Projections

Investors are wild about this section that we prepare for them. For three years give excactly a financial plan which contains actual profit and loss statement, balance sheets, cash flow statement and capital expenditure budgets.

Revenue Streams

Discover all your business revenue streams customers and the sources, primary and secondary too. This demonstrates to the investors that there is a definite future prospect with the idea of growing and scaling it.

Funding Requirements

Have your money needs in focus and state the reasons for how you need the fund and how you intend to use it. Accordingly, your budget plans should be plausible and correspond to the growth prospects.


Concluding your business plan, make a summary of the main successful points and help the investors to make a final decision whether to invest in your business. It is really important to keep in mind that your task to persuade the investors that your business cause can be profitable.


Should the business plan has to be limited in given number of pages?

Length of business plans are commonly in the range 15 to 25 pages. But different lengths can be required depending on the level of complexity of the business and the investment or lending book requirements. The critical thing here is to keep it broad and on point, bearing in mind that details will inevitably be removed before publication.

The thing which draws venture capitalists is what makes that business plan be unique and sets it apart from the rest.

Investors, in their turn, are always impressed by a properly developed business plan which, on the one hand, clearly shows a unique message to the participants of the market, and on the other hand, vividly demonstrates a complete understanding of the market, shows a high-classed team, foresees the realism in financial projections and displays the potential ways to profitability. Moreover, an an economical and effective byline for the summary will keep the reader focused.

How often is it necessary for me to change or edit my business plan?

Make sure that you evaluate, tweak, and update your business plan at least once a year or immediately, whenever you have significant changes, in your business, market or industry. This will guarantee you are always on trend and the information provided will be practical not only for now but also future.

Could I discuss similar comments for my business strategy?

Yes, if you make a point of having testimonials in your plan, this can have a good impact. They present real-life evidences of your company’s role and performance that help to reinforce its image as a legitimate undertaking and can enhance your appeal to potential investors and lenders.

What is my business plan going to look like if I include an exit strategy?

Definitely it is helpful to have an exit agenda in your business plan. This attracts investors because it shows them your vision for the company’s future growth and possibility of their ROI from the exit routes like M&A or IPO etc.


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