Why Men shorter lives than women?

Scientists have discovered new clues that could explain why men don’t live as long as women.

According to the findings, the main reason for this is related to the loss of Y chromosomes.

It was founding that the loss of this Y chromosome can lead to scarring of the heart muscle, leading to fatal heart disease.

An estimated 40% of men by the age of 70 have experienced male sex chromosome loss.

And they may benefit from existing drugs that target dangerous scar tissue.

The answer to the question ” Why Men shorter lives than women? “

Chromosomes are the bundles of DNA in each cell that exist in pairs. Females have an X chromosome and males have 2 chromosomes, X and Y.

Kenneth Walsh, a professor at the University of Virginia, said: “In general, men in their 60s die faster than women. It’s like biologically aging faster.”

According to new research records, he says, he has found a clue as to why men live shorter lives than women.

Kenneth Walsh says Pirfenidone can help counteract the harmful effects of chromosomal loss.

As most men age, they begin to lose a portion of their Y chromosome cells . And this appears to be especially true for smokers.

Scientists have previously discovered that men who lose a Y chromosome are more likely to die young and suffer from other diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

New research is believe to be the first evidence that chromosomal loss directly affects men’s health.

To better understand the effects of the loss of the Y chromosome in the blood. Researchers used gene editing techniques to develop a special mouse model.

In that experiment, they found an accelerated loss of age-related diseases . And the mice were more prone to heart scarring and died earlier.

The researchers also analyzed the data collected from the study in three different ways, looking at the effect of Y chromosome loss in human males.

The trial found that loss of the Y chromosome was associated with cardiovascular disease, such as heart disease.

Research suggests that as Y chromosome loss increases, so does the risk of death, and that less Y chromosome loss may help men live longer and healthier lives.

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