This December, Huawei’s Nova 12 series will feature 5G

This December, Huawei’s Nova 12 series will feature 5G

After debuting the Nova 11 series last month, Huawei may release the Nova 12 this year, featuring rapid 5G network access, according to new information.

Classmateguan, a well-respected industry insider, claims that Huawei may also release their Nova 12 series in December. In addition, the Nova 12 series will be 5G-ready. For fans, this comes as a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

In addition, the source stated that the Qualcomm 5G chipset will be used by Huawei. It is unclear, however, if the corporation would use an integrated 5G chip or a dedicated 5G modem.

Previous Releases:

Huawei’s Nova 11 series, which includes the Nova 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Ultra, was introduced in April. These smartphones combine potent cameras and software technology to provide a plethora of new possibilities.

In contrast, the Nova 10 series from Huawei did not appear until July 2022. The standard and pro versions were included. Prior to that, Huawei’s Nova 9 series was in a mad dash to get to market by September 2021.

But due to the limited supply chain, launch events after 2020 were infrequent. As a result, Huawei’s plans to simultaneously release the Nova and P series flagships were severely disrupted.

Inconsistent supply has resulted in a number of delays during the past two years. Nonetheless, Huawei appears eager to modernize. As a result, it’s possible that new Nova devices will debut in the same year.


We also shouldn’t overlook the fact that 5G is a fascinating topic. It’s possible that this is what prompted Huawei to unveil its Nova series in the fourth month of the year. The Nova 9, Nova 10, and Nova 11 from Huawei are all 4G-ready smartphones. As a result, the Huawei Nova series will benefit from the addition of 5G once again.

Huawei will be able to investigate several facets of 5G with their next phones. In addition to this information, we are still waiting for an official stamp to verify the arrival.

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