The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is currently at an all-time low price on Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is currently at an all-time low price on Amazon

We recommend Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 to everyone who has an Android phone rather than an iPhone. The 40mm size is currently available on Amazon, Best Buy, and Samsung for $219, which is the same as the all-time low price we saw earlier this year. We gave this wearable an 85 and named it the best Android smartwatch in our buying guide because of its sturdy construction, extensive health tracking functions, and sleek design that resembles a classic wristwatch more than the square Apple Watch.

The new Galaxy 5 from Samsung (40mm)$219$280Save $61

The price of our recommended smartwatch for Android users has dropped to an all-time low.Online store price: $219The Watch 5 has kept its predecessor’s sleek lines and minimalist style but upgraded the glass to sapphire crystal for increased durability. Reviewer Cherlynn Low thought the Galaxy Watch 5 performed a better job of monitoring sleep than the Apple Watch. When compared to other WearOS-based gadgets, it also excels at activity tracking, prompting you to register your movements wherever possible. The battery life is just over 24 hours, and it recharges quickly, so a 30-minute charge will give you enough power for another 12 hours of use.

The curved sensors are more comfortable to wear and get closer to the skin to take EKGs and measure body composition. It’s a great accessory for your Android phone, enabling you to respond to messages and notifications, control your music, and navigate with your wrist.

The 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 is now available for people who need or prefer a more substantial wristwatch. Amazon is currently selling it for $249, which is $60 less than its original launch price and the lowest price the watch has ever been offered for. If you’d rather shop elsewhere, you can rest assured that Best Buy and Samsung will honor that price right now.