The Galaxy Watch 6 Pro from Samsung will reintroduce an old favorite

The Galaxy Watch 6 Pro from Samsung will reintroduce an old favorite.

One of the most unique aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Watch was the actual rotating bezel. However, this hardware is no longer included in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 models.

Customers were apparently very unhappy with that choice. Ice Universe claims that Samsung will restore this much-missed function in the next Galaxy Watch 6 Pro. Did Samsung suddenly alter its mind? It would appear so.

The rotating bezel will make a return with the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro.

Samsung replaced the rotating bezel with a fictitious version. Virtual function, essentially a gesture that operates on the edge of the screen, is available on the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro. As Samsung began to foreclose on the rotating bezel in this series, this feature was also included in the Galaxy Watch 4. Through the Galaxy Watch4 Classic, the physical button remained; however, it was eliminated altogether in the fifth-generation model. A recent leak now suggests that it will be included in the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro.

According to the leaker, the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro will have a “rather narrow bezel,” meaning that the watch’s screen will either be bigger or the body will be smaller. No information was provided as to why the rotating bezel had been brought back. Maybe Samsung just had a change of heart, or maybe the redesign will finally let them squeeze in that physical mechanism. It’s strange when companies ditch innovations only to bring them back as if they were something entirely new. Because it’s exclusive to the Pro, Samsung is probably planning to use it as a selling point for the more expensive model.

The rumors around the physical rotating bezel are nothing new. The rumor mill also suggests that the Galaxy Watch 6’s battery life will improve. Even though it’s smaller, the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro’s storage capacity will be increased.

The latest Exynos chipset is said to be included in the watch, making it far more powerful.