Sports: This is a summary of last night’s event

Sports: This is a summary of last night’s event

Sports: You are not all people. Exams may be an exception, but some things are obvious. Here is an excerpt for Arsenal fans:

I see his composure more than Jesus’s goals. How to score in the top corner, especially when the field is open for the first goal and when there are few options. In addition, it can improve the pressure that causes OG. I saw what a striker should have.

Sports: Player effort

Niles and Nelson are not in your class. Efforts have been made, but it is still needed.

You may not like Eddie last night. But once it is stable, the moving images will distort the back row. So far, so good.

In the third goal scored by Nuremberg, the position of two midfielders and defenders was shocking. Arteta must have planned to avoid this kind of placement.

Sambi is promising if he has a good Pivot Man to back him up.Let Smith pray for more corruption.

Sports: Good things

Mutt Turner get some moments that can be said to be not bad.

It remains to see in the next three or four games whether Partino can look forward to a class more than promising. His performance is still stable.If there are any mistakes, please add them.

Arsenal players need to be slove this summer. Arsenal has already signed some interesting players like as Marquinho, Jesus, and Vieira. Arsenal is still trying to add new players.

Arsenal needs to sell old players as well as new players. The players on the list are: Which one? Torreira, Nelson, Nicholas Pepe; Leno and Pablo Mari.

These players will no longer be able to contribute to the team’s development, and keeping them at the club will do nothing but inflate the squad.

Leno link with a move to Fulham, who relegate to the Premier League. Bellarin is planning to return to Spain, and Torres is set to leave Ann Arbor as he is not part of Arteta’s plans.

The club’s record transfer fee Mari and Michigan Nice, who spent last season on loan in Italy; Nelson, who has been in fine form on loan at Fiorentina, also needs to look for new teams.

Some players who may be difficult to find a new club could stay at Arsenal next season.

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