Singer Norma Thathoo Wa was delighted when the audience wished her a happy birthday while she was doing a music concert for Myanmar in Korea.

The singer Maa Htoo Wa, who is nicknamed Po Mugyi and fondly known as a Korean girl who sings well, is known to all fans. Maa Htoowa is living in South Korea and is working on her hobby of music and art. Although he lives in South Korea and works as an artist, Matha Htoo Wa, who has not forgotten Myanmar’s politics, is currently helping the Myanmar Fund music concert held in South Korea with his knowledge of art.

October (25th) is Martha Htoo Wa’s birthday. Martha Htoowa was singing at the Myanmar Fund concert held in Changwon, Korea on her birthday. However, for Martha Htoowa’s birthday, the artists and fans who participated in the fundraiser wished her a happy birthday. Martha Htoowa lost her mother this year and faced difficulties. On today’s birthday, I would like to pray that you will be blessed with good fortune.