OnePlus wants to bring back the notification slide

The OnePlus 10T doesn’t have a notification slider, but the company says the absence is expected to be temporary.

OnePlus’ EU PR manager Aske Kjær told Tech Advisor: “Our R&D team is hard at work. We’re not always saying goodbye to the notification slider.” “We are working to bring it back in the future.”

The popular physical three-point switch has been a staple of flagship phones since the OnePlus One. It also featured in 2022’s OnePlus 10 Pro and Nord 2T.

It allows users to ring, Enables quick switching between vibrate and silent modes . Only Apple’s iPhones have a similar button and only have two positions.

The main reason for the notification slide removed on OnePlus 10T

OnePlus has remove the notification slide on its new flagship 10T, blaming it on lack of space.

“Obviously it was a tough choice to make in terms of interior space,” said Tuomas Lampén, OnePlus’ head of European strategy.

From the outside, it looks like a small part, but inside, it takes up a lot of space. It takes up a lot of space, especially when connect to the motherboard.

“By removing that, what we get is a bigger battery, faster charging, more antennas on the device.”

Lampén suggests that could replicate the slider in software in the future. However, this cannot be done on the OnePlus 10T

Instead, 10T buyers will have to go to Settings or Quick Settings . Just like on other Android devices, to switch between ringtone modes. On the 10T, its screen , Performance and charging are commendable points . However, there is no warning slider; Division of support cameras and the high price of the phone are pity for it .

The 10T still stands as one of the best OnePlus phones you can buy, and is a solid Android option. But it gets more complicate when you look at the company’s own line.

Notification slide is Available in  10 Pro , with wireless charging and better cameras. However, the  Nord 2T costs just £369/€399 and has practically the same cameras as the 10T. Exceptions are not available in the US.

Debate about the merits of 10T rages in the tech community. OnePlus has admit  that it wants to bring back the notification slider and that removing it was not a popular decision. The company itself seems they don’t want to do it .

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