JMGO raised $2.24 million on Kickstarter thanks to its N1 Ultra 4K Triple Color Laser Gimbal Projector’s success.

As a result of the success of its N1 Ultra 4K Triple Color Laser Gimbal Projector on Kickstarter, JMGO was able to raise $2.24 million

After 45 days of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, smart projector innovator JMGO has successfully raised $2.24 million, 112 times its stretch goal. The initial goal of $2 million was reached in just 25 days, with $1.16 million raised in the first 24 hours from 994 backers. As of April 23rd, 1706 backers were anticipating the immersive audiovisual experience that this multifunctional and transportable projector will deliver.

Since its release, the N1 Ultra has been lauded by critics and professionals alike for its brilliant gimbal design and stunning image quality. After that, the projector received praise from numerous prestigious tech magazines, including Android Central and MakeUseOf, and was named one of the “Best Projectors 2023” by Trusted Reviews. For its brilliant colors, deep blacks, remarkable shadow definition, and spot-on color accuracy after calibration, the N1 Ultra has been called a “performance beast” by Projector Reviews.

Chief Product Officer of JMGO, Will Wang, remarked, “With the enthusiastic support of our backers, we are thrilled to demonstrate the positive momentum in our commercial success, which is driven by our consumer-centric innovation.” The campaign’s success gave us a boost of confidence and allowed us to move forward with our goal of improving the user experience by developing groundbreaking optical technologies.

Visuals Powered by Invented Technology With its 4,000 ANSI lumens and 4K UHD resolution, the N1 Ultra brings the theater experience into the sunlight. MALC Triple Color Laser Optics, a patent-pending innovation by JMGO, is the secret behind the superior picture quality of laser projectors. To improve optical efficiency and heat dissipation while preserving the projector’s small form factor, the MALC Laser Engine makes use of modularized laser stacking technology. Laser projectors face issues including uneven brightness and laser speckles. The N1 Ultra’s quad-layered diffuser system ensures a uniformity of illumination of 95% or more. Since the Dynamic Light Speckle Reducer Technology (LSR) has already been implemented, users won’t have to worry about the annoying speckles created by the laser engine.

The N1 Ultra is a three-color laser projector, so it can display visuals that seem just like they did in reality. Its E1 color accuracy makes it superior to LED and single laser projectors on the market. It covers 110% of the BT.2020 color gamut. With HDR 10 and a contrast ratio of 1,600:1, viewers can see fine nuances in both bright whites and dark blacks. The Color Manage System (CMS) is a feature built into the N1 Ultra by JMGO that allows AV enthusiasts to calibrate the image to their liking by altering gamma, white balance, and color space.

The N1 Ultra features an impressive sound system developed in collaboration with Dynaudio, a famous Danish loudspeaker company, to perfectly complement the display. The system has two 10-watt speakers capable of producing 45 Hz of extreme low-frequency bass and is approved by both Dolby Audio and DTS. In a nutshell, the N1 Ultra eliminates the need for additional speakers by providing an integrated system for home theater use.

Like a gimbal, it can pan and tilt.
Backers on Kickstarter are excited not only by the projector’s MALC Triple Color Laser Optics but also by its integrated gimbal design. The N1 Ultra can be tilted up to 135 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally thanks to the ultra-thin 2-axis gimbal system. With Instant Gimbal-like Display Correction, the image may be instantaneously calibrated regardless of the projection angle by performing keystone correction and focus adjustment concurrently.

Home The Fun Lasts Longer
The N1 Ultra is preloaded with Android TV 11, which provides access to more than five thousand apps from the Google Play Store. The N1 Ultra’s two HDMI 2.1 ports (one supports eARC), USB-A 2.0 port, and 3.5mm headphone jack make it ideal for connecting a wide variety of external devices, including streaming sticks, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and dedicated sound systems, to enhance the home theater experience.

Availability and costs
With the first shipments scheduled for May 2023, the highly anticipated projector is getting closer to becoming available to clients around the world. In the middle of May 2023, the N1 Ultra will be on sale for its suggested retail price of $2,299 on Amazon in the United States and Japan, as well as on the JMGO website.

JMGO: A Brief Overview

Since its inception in 2011, JMGO has been dedicated to providing large-screen experiences that are both portable and adaptable. By fusing innovative technology with top-notch entertainment, JMGO plans to pioneer a global market for a complete home entertainment system that includes a terminal, content, platform, and software.

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