Increased patenting activity from Oppo

Increased patenting activity from Oppo

Oppo is increasing its efforts to improve its R&D capabilities and hasten its transition from a smartphone manufacturer to a tech business in response to rising worldwide competition.

According to the corporation, as of March 31st, 46,000 of the 90,000 patents it has applied for around the world had been granted. For the past four years in a row, it has been one of the top three Chinese corporations in terms of inventive patent approvals.

Oppo has filed patent applications in more than 40 countries and regions as it expands its international business. For instance, the European Patent Office in Munich said that the corporation remained the second-most active Chinese patent applicant in Europe in 2017.

According to US patent service provider IFI Claims, it was one of several Chinese enterprises to crack the Top 50 in 2022.

Oppo claims it has amassed a wealth of high-value patents in areas including 5G, video, image, and AI thanks to its worldwide R&D network.

European Patent Office chief business analyst Aidan Kendrick told China Daily that Chinese patent applications climbed by 15.1% in 2014, the greatest growth rate among the top 20 patent-filing countries.

Kendrick predicted that “the growth rate from China continues in the double digits” and that China would soon surpass Japan and Germany, whose growth rates were not on the same track.