Casio has unveiled their new G-Shock G-SQUAD DW-H5600 smartwatch, which features a Polar algorithm

Casio has unveiled their new G-Shock G-SQUAD DW-H5600 smartwatch, which features a Polar algorithm.

Casio has unveiled the G-Shock G-SQUAD DW-H5600 as a smartwatch in Japan. There will be a variety of models available, including a special edition. The activity tracker also monitors your oxygen saturation and the number of steps you take. Polar’s technology also calculates your workout and sleep efficiency.

Casio’s G-Shock G-SQUAD DW-H5600 smartwatch will debut in Japan this May, the company stated. There are five distinct models available, celebrating the brand’s 40th anniversary with features including interchangeable bands and bezels.
You can monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels with the built-in optical sensor present in every smartwatch on the market today.

Although the wearables lack GPS, they are equipped with an accelerometer that records your steps. When synced with a smartphone, you can then see how far you’ve gone and what path you took.

The DW-H5600 employs the same Polar algorithm as the G-SQUAD GBD-H2000 smartwatch released earlier this year, so it can analyze your workouts and sleep and provide you with breathing exercises to help you recuperate.

The timepieces are lightweight and small, weighing 59 to 65 grams (2.08 to 2.29 ounces) and measuring 51.1 x 44.5 mm (2.01 x 1.75 inches). Casio claims that the compact form factor is due in part to the use of a thin LCD screen and a small battery.

The smartwatch may be charged through USB or solar power; the latter option takes about two hours and provides enough juice for a week’s worth of use when left on a sunny windowsill.

The Casio G-Shock G-SQUAD DW-H5600 smartwatch will be available for preorder in Japan on April 21, with prices beginning at 41,800 yen (US$312). The corporation has not yet revealed information about a global rollout.