Amid a lingering chip shortage, Toyota targets 9.1 million vehicles

Amid a lingering chip shortage, Toyota targets 9.1 million vehicles

Reuters, April 27, Tokyo With factory interruptions from global chip supply issues and pandemic lockdowns easing, the Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. (7203.T) established a global annual output record in the fiscal year ending in March, producing 9.1 million vehicles.

However, the largest automaker in the world by sales volume cautioned that the ongoing global chip shortage continued to have an impact and that its future impact remained difficult to predict.

Toyota announced on Thursday that it had manufactured 9.13 million vehicles in the year up to March 31. This was a slight increase over its objective, which had been lowered twice from an earlier aim of about 9.7 million due to industry disruption.

The number of vehicles manufactured in 2016 was 8.57 million.

With 9.61 million automobiles sold around the world in the 12 months ending in March, the business achieved yet another annual sales high.

For the fiscal year that began in April, the company did not announce any updated sales or production goals.
Only 17,473 battery-powered EVs (including its luxury Lexus brand) were sold in the first three months of 2023, the company revealed.

When compared to Toyota’s global sales of 24,466 battery EVs in 2022, this is a significant difference.